Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Facts about the Top of the Grade Leading Plastic Mould Maker of China

Injection moulding technique is widely used for manufacturing plastic parts. This is a process in which the plastic is melted in the injection moulding machine and injected into the mould. Injection moulding is used for mass production of plastic parts. HQ Mould is a leading plastic mould maker in China. The company is located in Taizhou Huangyan and manufactures a plethora of plastic moulds such as appliance mould, auto parts mould, chair mould, pipe fitting mould and many other kinds of moulds. 

Manufacturing infrastructure

HQ Mould has a total of 30 mould manufacturing machines in operation at its manufacturing facility. These include 5 axis CNC machines, milling machines, high speed CNC machines, wire cutting machines and engraving machines. Thus, high grade machines are used to manufacture plastic moulds in large volumes. Advanced software tools are also available for manufacturing plastic moulds. 


Designing and development 

The company has an experienced research and development team for designing all kinds of plastic moulds. The moulds are designed using Computer Aided Design or CAD software. The designs are made according to the specific data provided by the customers. The designs are also altered according to the requirements of the customers. Computer Aided Engineering or CAE software is used for mould flow analysis and eliminating any kind of engineering defect. 

The final mould design is discussed with the customer. The data of the technique to be used for manufacturing the mould is also shared with the customer for final confirmation. This ensures that the customer is in the know at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Specialist Company for Making Injection Plastic Mould China

There are many advantages associated with plastic injection technique for making plastic moulds. Plastic injection moulding enables manufacturing of moulds with even highly complex designs. Furthermore, it is also a very quick and efficient method of plastic mould manufacture. The whole process is also automatic as machines are used for the entire process. HQ Mould is the company to hire if you are looking for high quality plastic mould China.

HQ Mould has got advanced machines and teams of designers and developers to carry out the process of manufacturing injection plastic moulds smoothly. The various stages of manufacturing have been mentioned here. 



This is the first stage of the process in which the halves of a steel or aluminum mold are joined together using a hydraulically powered machine. This is done prior to injection of plastic material into the mold. 


In this stage, the plastic material is heated and high pressure is applied until it melts. The molten plastic is then injected into the mold. Various factors such as injection power, injection pressure and the shot volume determine the injection time. 


The molten plastic starts to cool and solidify inside the mold. Ejection stage comes after the plastic has solidified completely. The ejection system of the machine ejects the hard plastic out of the mold. Mold releasing agent is also used to aid in the ejection of the plastic. 

The plastic mould is subjected to quality control in order to detect any kind of defect in the part. Warping, flash defects and high moisture content are some of the common defects.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Essential Factors to Find Plastic Injection Mould Suppliers in China

If you are a regular buyer of plastic products, it is essential for you to stay aware with suppliers involved in manufacturing plastic moulds or plastic products. However, the question that comes is that how one can find plastic injection mould suppliers in China. For this, you should have a look on following essential factors. 

Knowledge on Molding Requirements and Processing Manuals

Is the new molding service provider has good knowledge on molding requirements of your company? Are the mold service provider and its experts having proper updates on various processing manuals offered by any particular material manufacturer?

Awareness on Mechanical Properties 

The molding company or plastic injection mould suppliers of China should essentially stay aware with important mechanical properties defined and advertised in the literature issued by a particular material manufacturer. This is because; engineering department believes that mechanical properties are essential, because of which a potential supplier should not only know them, but also should implement them in a right way. 

Knowledge on Processing of the Resin

Next, you should find whether your molder possess good knowledge about processing the resin according to your own choice or use the best molding practices. You should be sure that your chosen molder, like for instance HQ Mould has full awareness about settings of your equipments, as it is crucial to determine any dependable and quality outcome for the finished plastic products. 

Ability to Handle Raw Materials

Lastly, you should make sure that the molding company and its professionals should be able to handle various raw materials, especially the one required for the development of new products.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

How to take advantage of the Auto Parts Mould industry

As we can see the automobile industry is the fastest growing industry as of now in every country of the world. Whether it’s a developed country like US or developing country like India it is seen that there is massive demand of automobiles and vehicles. This massive demand increases with a high speed of 10-12% every year. With the development of new vehicles and cars, the demand for auto parts is increasing, which is ultimately leading to the demand of auto parts mould


There is huge production and sales of car in all parts of the world which is generating the demand of automotive parts and this way the auto mould parts industry is also booming. With the help of these moulds you can set up a business of manufacturing automotive parts. Just like the popular auto part mould company ‘HQ Mould’, big auto parts like fenders, car bumpers, doors, grills, front seats, back seats, covers hoods and many more parts can be manufactured. 

How to get started

First of all you need to do a bit of market research and find out that which automotive part has a huge demand and less supply. You can choose that part for manufacturing.

Look out for a good company which is selling the auto parts mould. You can also take consultation from good companies like HQ mould for further assistance. 

Buy the required mould and set up a workshop for the manufacturing of the automotive part.

Market your product nicely and get sale of the product in return.

Friday, 22 June 2018

What Is The Need Of Plastic Pallet Moulds?

Most of the companies are choosing Plastic pallets for their sanitation needs instead of wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are often prone to repairs and need replacement. Hence, the companies tend to switch to plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets. If the company suffers poor delivery of products due to wooden pallets and related damages, they opt to switch to plastic pallets. 

Plastic pallet moulds are a good choice when it comes to delivering the products safely or for sanitation needs of a house or office. The plastic pallet moulds support the employment for unemployed people as well. The plastic pallet mould can be manufactured by Chinese injection technology. This technology is useful to supply bulk orders at an ease. For more information, check out the website http://www.hqmould.com/.


Plastic pallet moulds are available at an affordable cost. One can manufacture the home appliances or sanitation products easily regardless of small orders or large orders. The Chinese technology changed the picture of the plastic industry and plastic pallet mould manufacture is not an exemption for this. The exceptional qualities of plastic pallets are, these pallets are durable and provide solid support for equipment like home appliances.

Plastic pallet moulds are useful for proper shipment of goods and the Chinese technology of moulding helps to design the moulds perfectly to manufacture the bulk orders easily. Plastic pallets became the latest trend because these are less prone to damage when compared to wooden pallets used for packaging and sanitation. There are huge varieties of Plastic pallets available like stackable, nest able, fire resistant, and many more and moulds are available to manufacture them at an ease.