Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Choosing The Right Mould Manufacturer

There is no doubt that plastic goods have made life easier for us. Plastic is a material that does not rust or corrodes and it is water resistant as well. Plastic goods can be made to look really attractive owing to the color and the design that can be incorporated with ease which makes it cost-effective when compared to other materials. However, in the manufacturer's point of view, choosing the right plastic mold maker and deciding on the number of items that he is going to make using the mould is crucial in ensuring the success of his enterprise.

Things to ask before you choose a mould maker

Some of the things you should ask the plastic mould manufacturer before you entrust the mould making job include
·         What would be the turnout time to deliver the mould?
·         What would be the technique that would be employed to make the mould?
·         Would it possible to develop a mould tool that matches the annual volume required?
·         Would it be possible to get a warranty on the tool?
·         Would the whole mould be produced in-house or would parts of it be out sourced?
and much more.
The best mould makers
As far as mould making is concerned the chinese are supposed to excellent mould makers whether it is for household appliances, general goods or even highly precise automotive parts. However, it is important to reach out to quality mould makers like HQMOULD with enough track record and technical knowledge to understand what you are looking for and also produce quality moulds at cost-effective prices.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Home Appliance Mould and Mould Makers

Plastic is one material that is used in making a number of products. It is because of the special qualities off plastics such as rust free and corrosion free nature, stain, dust and water resistance, the number of finishes that are possible starting from highly glossy to a matte finish, long life, etc. Above all, it is helpful in reducing the weight of the appliances as well as reduce the manufacturing costs. That is why a number of home appliances feature plastic products. The home appliance mould are created to meet the specifications. This ensures that they are manufactured with precision to perform the functions that are expected out of them.

Mould makers

Though there are a number of mould makers across the world in places like Japan, USA, India, etc, the Chinese mould makers are considered the best. This is owing to their expertise and skill in developing moulds that meet the standards and specifications that are required to make home appliances that are supposed to be functional as well.  The Chinese mould makers like hq mould have a separate R&D department who would be able to ensure that the moulds that are made match the requirements and produces home appliance parts of high- quality cost effective.

The products

When moulds of high-quality are made with due importance is given to the process and the design of the final product, it is possible to get good moulds that can be used to produce quality home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Chinese Mould Maker And The Advantage They Can Offer

Making great moulds that can produce plastic goods of the quantity and quality that is desired is important to ensure profitability for the manufacturer of plastic goods. It also ensures that the plastic goods of good quality would be available at cost-effective prices for the consumers. The mould makers job includes understanding the requirement that is necessary and making moulds that would be good enough too produce goods of the volume that is required on the part of the manufacturer.

Chinese mould makers

There are a number of techniques that are employed in making moulds. It depends on factors such as the
·         Type of product that is to be produced
·         The type of  thermoplastic that is to be used
·         The volume of products that have to be produced using the mould
·         The precision that is required
Though moulds for plastic goods which are quite simple as well as those that require precision are manufactured by mould makers in Japan, USA and India, the Chinese mould makers are considered to be experts in the field. You have a number of mold makers in China who produce quality molds like HQMOULD which include producing the right type of mould for the right product.
Mould maker in China
The plastic mould maker of China is the best you can ask for as they have the technical knowledge and expertise in making different types of moulds. They would be in a better position to suggest the right type of the mould that is required to achieve the expected final product and in the volume that is required by the manufacturer.      

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Moulding of Plastic Pipe Fittings – Process Involved In It

Plastic pipes and fittings have got a lot of uses in our day-to-day life by acting as a transfer medium of drinking water, wastewater, chemicals, gases and even vacuum air systems etc. In general, a plastic pipe system involves pipes, valves, fittings and accessories connected properly for varied purposes. Plastic Pipe Fitting Mould uses two manufacturing processes such as 

  •  Extrusion Moulding
  •  Injection Molding

Here will discuss how to manufacture plastic pipe fitting mould using the extrusion molding process.

Material Handling:

The raw materials need stabilizers and other processing aids, to keep them ready for extrusion. Before sending into the moulding machines, compounds mixed with colour pigments to get the required color in the output. Thus, blending is many crucial stages of this material handling process.


Here the raw materials allowed heating, melting, and mixing consistently to get the plastic parts of the particular shape. Usually, manufacturers follow the mixing temperature of around 120 degrees Celsius. Here all these things carried out in heat barrel device called extruder in which precision screws rotate the materials to get the desired shape. Now the pipes from the extruder passed through sizing sleeves. Now the pipe applied with pressure for attaining the desired size. Here Speed is a crucial factor in deciding the thickness of the output.

Best Quality Plastic Pipe Fitting Mould Manufacturer:

If you are looking for the best quality plastic pipe fitting mould manufacturer, then you should go for the professional manufacturer like HQ Mould having 40 years of experience in the plastic molding industry. For pipe fitting mould, they got two moulds such as Elbow mould and Lateral Tee mould.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Top-3 Injection Moulding Defects and How to Fix Them?

Injection Moulding is one type of moulding used in manufacturing automotive parts. It is not much easy to manufacture automotive parts moulding, as it may involve some defects which are difficult to fix them. Thus, manufacturers like HQ Mould will take care to fix such defects to avoid risks. Some of the defects affecting the output of automotive parts such as
·         Flow Lines
·         Sink Marks
·         Vacuum Voids
Flow Lines:
Flow lines defects caused due to the flow of molten plastics into the mould in varying speed by making some bends in the output. This condition may also occur when the molten plastic flows through the mould of having varying wall thickness.

·         It is necessary to have injection speeds and pressure applied to the molten plastics maintaining at an optimal level. In addition to this, check the cavities filled properly or not.
·         Round corners and locations avoided to change the direction of flow of molten plastics.
Sink Marks:
If the cooling method is not done properly for the molten plastic, then it will result in sink marks. Most of the automotive parts moulding manufacturer maintains cooling time to avoid sink marks.
Lower the molding temperature, raise the holding pressure and finally increase the holding time so that the molten plastics will get adequate cooling time.
Vacuum Voids:
They are some air pockets that get trapped nearer to the surface of an injection moulded prototype, due to uneven solidification.
·         Here too similar to sink marks, increase the holding pressure and holding time as well.
·         Checking the alignment of mould parts properly to avoid vacuum voids.