Friday, 21 December 2018

Plastic Moulds- For Anything and Everything

There is hardly anything that you cannot produce with plastic. But at the same time, you should also understand that each product available in plastic is produced using a method of production that is quite apt to make the plastic durable and effective in doing that work. In this light, injection molding is the technique that is used for manufacturing of automotive parts molding

Why are plastic moulds used in car parts?  

Plastic molds are being used for automotive parts because they could contribute to the weight reduction of the car and thereby, it contributes to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The other inherent properties of plastics such as flexibility, corrosion resistance, durability as well as cost-effectiveness contribute greatly to the lower prices of the car that you witness in the modern times.

Plastics used in automotive parts moulding

There are about 13 high-performance plastic molds that would be used in automotive hardware. But three types of plastics that are used in automotive parts are Polypropylene, PVC and Polyurethane. For more details information: HQMOULD

What type of moulding is used?

The injection molding is the process that is used to make automotive parts.  About 90% of automotive parts are made using injection molding. The vehicle components that are produced using this include

·         Door handle components
·         Interior bezels
·         Molded spacer blocks
·         Pads and cushions
·         Backlighting Controls and buttons
·         DVD Housings
·         Shifter knobs and assemblies
·         Instrument panel components
·         Gears

There are two types of injection molds- cold runner and the hot runner. However, it does have certain disadvantages like heavy machinery cost at the start.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Insights Into the Moulding of Home and Kitchen Essentials

There is no doubt that the plastic molds are being employed extensively in the making of Home Appliances. They seem to find a place in the manufacturing of mixers, grinders and washing machines etc. they are used to make cutlery and kitchen utensils as well. Home appliance mould are of different types and it even includes molding of ceramics and thermoset plastics that are used to make kitchenware.

Right moulding

the type of thermo plastic to be used, the type of molding process to be employed as well as setting the parameters for the process is largely dependent on the type of product and how it would be used in the appliance, the shape, the complexity as well as the size of the component. It could be injection molding, compression molding,  transfer moulding, and Hand and spray layup molding.  The manufactures of Moulds such as HQmould would be in a better position to guide you about which method of molding to use to get the desired end product.  

An overview of the moulding processes.

Injection molding is generally used for making solid objects that have a complex shape. The compression molding which is the process of arranging preheated polymer and stamping or compressing the mold into the plastic. This is used in making kitchenware like melamine plates, bowls etc. the land and spray lay-up process has got todo with making components that have large surface areas and require a smooth finish. This is a process in which the casting material is plunged into a closed mould.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Choosing the Right Mould Manufacturing Company

The relationship between a mould manufacturer and plastic parts seeker is almost like a valuable partnership.  The moulding company has a crucial role to play in the success of the company that is seeking a plastic part.  It goes without saying, that only a proper mould can produce a quality part that will perform optimally as expected by the designer of the product. A Plastic Injection Mould Supplier of China could offer quality moulds in a relatively short period of time contributing to your company’s success.

 Choosing the right moulding company

When you are choosing the mould supplier you need to ensure the following details in order to avoid disappointments later. The mould suppliers like HQ mould seem to score high on these factors.

Knowledge and experience

A good plastic injection mould supplier should be up to date with the trends and must have up to date knowledge about the thermosetting materials in the market and the parameters that have to be maintained. They should also be capable of understanding the requirements you specify as a plastic part seeker and must be able to get it done for you.


It is important to research and understand whether they have been able to serve the previous customers. You would be able to analyze this by going through the testimonials and reviews that you would find on the net about the suppliers.

Ability to customize

This is a very important factor because there might be a number of suppliers who are equally good, but the ability as well as willingness to customize in a cost-effective way is what distinguishes the others from the one you choose.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is definitely a list of important factors to consider.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Find the Best China Mould Manufacturer – Here’s How

The China Mould Manufacturer offers a vast number of designs and options to fulfil the need all around the world. It is easy to find that there are so many companies in China doing the same business but, the question arrives that which one is best to choose? To find the right one, follow the below-given tips.

1. Consider Reputation

There are many platforms which can help you find manufacturers in China. Keep in mind that you check out the reputation of the service provider by considering reviews, quality of services and such other factors. You can also check that how old the company is registered on the platform. HQMOULD and many other companies come in the list of reputed one due to quality services.

2. Experience

An old and experienced company is always reliable and better to prefer as compared to other ones. In case, you have a specific need with high-end quality then you can look for China Mould Manufacturer with higher experience in the same field. Five years or more years old company can fulfil the need and you can prefer them without any problem.

3. Ask for Samples

As you will ask for their charges to ensure that whether the services are reliable or not, so, you can eradicate many upcoming issues. It is always better to check the product in hand and it will help you decide the price. Keep in mind that too much negotiation isn't helpful because the manufacturer won't provide quality products.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

How to Find Plastic Injection Mould Suppliers in China

If you are looking for Plastic Injection Mould Suppliers in China, then you have to be absolutely conscious of your action. Undoubtedly, it is not an easy job to find out the best manufacture because the market is too cluttered. So, how should you approach the selection process?

The key considerations for the section process:

Trust the experience: You have to source products from an experienced supplier because only an experienced supplier can get you the super quality products. However, you must verify their experience by looking at their client list and what their clients talk about them.

Industry specialization: You have to look for the industry specialization of the supplier or manufacturer. The supplier that caters to your niche can give you best offers.

Quality: Since it is important to get the supplier that offers the super quality mould. You have to find out their QMS system and quality assurance policy before sourcing the products.  

Cost: After looking at those important factors, you should consider the cost of the moulds. If you are looking for customized moulds, then you should also look at the price points for the same. All you need to do is to get quotes from various suppliers and choose the best supplier that offers you good quality products at a reasonable rate.

The above-mentioned factors should help you in getting plastic injection mould suppliers in China. If you are looking for such a supplier, then you should consider looking at the product offering of HQMould, the company has established itself as the competent supplier in the market.