Monday, 19 August 2019

Technologically Advanced Plastic Mould Maker in China

Injection moulding technology is used to manufacture moulds for a plethora of things used in homes and industries. This technology is used for producing large volumes of moulds in a short period of time. HQ Moulds is an experienced Plastic Mould Maker China. The company has been engaged in the production of plastic moulds through injection moulding for the past 20 years. The moulds manufactured by the company are used in a number of fields such as medical, auto industry, packaging, pipe fitting, home appliances sector, etc. Many kinds of commodity moulds are also manufactured by the company.

Mould making equipments 

HQ Moulds is equipped with both Standard as well as Electrical Discharge machines. Standard machines are used to manufacture high volume plastic moulds while electrical discharge machines are used to manufacture very complex moulds efficiently.


The moulds are designed exactly as per the requirements of the customers. The designers of the company use software such as AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORK, UG, etc. to design the moulds as per the data provided by the customers. 2D and 3D modeling of the moulds is done for efficient designing. Mould flow analysis using CAE technology is also done for optimizing the process of injection moulding. 

The moulds are designed after a thorough analysis of the requirements specified by the clients. Thus, the moulds manufactured are always in full accordance with the customer requirements. 


HQ Mould has a sales and marketing department which takes orders from both domestic and foreign clients. Purchase department purchases materials require to manufacture moulds and equipments. Production department is responsible for manufacturing the moulds. 

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Professional and flawless mould manufacturing in China

HQ Moulds is a renowned custom mould Maker in China with client based in China and abroad. The company makes plastic moulds for auto parts, appliances, medical instruments, household items, etc. The moulds are manufactured exactly according to the requirements of the clients. The manufacturing process is not commenced till the design is approved by the client. The best mold material and the most appropriate method are used to manufacture any consignment of plastic moulds of any type. From designing to delivery of the moulds, the whole is process is managed efficiently. 


The 2D/3D data or sample provided by the customer pertaining to the plastic mould is analyzed by the R&D team of HQ Mould. The design is made using CAD and 2D/3D modeling technologies as per the data provided by the customer. Feasibility analysis of the design is also done by the designers. The mould design is finalized after getting approval from the client.

Raw material purchase 

HQ Moulds has a dedicated department for purchasing raw materials for making the moulds. The list of raw materials, standard parts and customized non standard parts is drawn up and purchases are made. Focus is on purchasing only the best raw materials to produce best quality moulds. 

Mould manufacturing 

Moulds are manufactured using the most appropriate injection moulding machine. Standard machines, electric discharge machines and CNC machines are available with HQ Moulds. Sample mould is sent to the client for approval. Modifications are made if required. The moulds undergo quality control tests before shipment. 

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

HQ Moulds- One stop destination for plastic moulds in China

HQ Mould has an experience of 40 years in moulding Plastic Pipe Fitting Mould, automotive mould, household mould, chair mould and many more. The qualified and experienced research and development team, computer aided designing and other tools and a high grade manufacturing facility containing latest injection moulding machines are the hallmarks of the company. The high quality of the moulds made by the company is attested by ISO 9001 certification of the company’s quality control system. Some of the moulds manufactured by the company have been mentioned here.

Pipe fitting moulds

Two types of pipe fitting moulds, namely Elbow and Lateral tee moulds are manufactured by the company.

         45 degree elbow mould is made from 2 cavity mould. 360T injection machine is used for moulding which has hydraulic cylinder for ejecting the mould and cold runner system. The mould material used is Germany 2316. The mould has a life equivalent to 1000,000 shots.

         Lateral tee mould is made using 1 cavity mould. The machine used is 480T injection machine which has pin ejector for ejecting the plastic part from the mould. Runner system used is cold runner. The mould material is German 2316. Life of the mould is 1000,000 shots.

Chair mould

Chair mould for home chair is also manufactured by the company. The mould used for the purpose has 2 cavities. The mould material is 718. Injection machine used for chair moulding is 1000T injection machine. Edge gate hot runner is used as the runner system while hydraulic cylinder acts as the ejector system. The chair mould has a life of 500,000 shots.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Auto and other moulds manufacturing in China

HQ Mould is engaged in Automotive Parts Moulding, moulding of parts used in household items, chair moulding, pipe fitting moulding, crate moulding, etc. The company uses injection moulding to manufacture plastic moulds. This is a process in which a plastic material is molted inside the injection moulding machine and then injected into a mould placed in the machine. The molten plastic solidifies inside the mould to form the plastic part. The solidified part is then ejected from the mould by an ejection system.

HQ Mould uses advanced CNC/EDM/DMG/CMM machines for injection moulding. Some of the moulds manufactured by the company have been discussed here.

Automotive mould

Automotive mould manufactured by the company is front bumper mould. Mould material used for the purpose is S45C. The mould in which the molten plastic is injected has a single cavity. The machine used for injection moulding process is 230 T injection machine. Ejector block is used as the ejection system in the machine. The runner system is 9 valve hot runner. The front bumper mould has a life of 150,000 shots.

Crate mould

Fruit crate mould is manufactured using either a single cavity or double cavity mould. The mould material is 718 while the machine used for the injection moulding process is 780T injection machine. Stripper plate is used as the ejection system while the runner system is 4 pin point gate hot runner. Mould has a life of 500,000 shots. Apart from fruit crate moulds, beer crate moulds for 12 bottles are also manufactured.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Pipe Fitting Moulds: Meaning, Manufacturing Process, and Usage

China has few of the largest and best manufacturers of moulds in the industry. HQ moulds are one such leading company located in China that specializes in making Pipe fitting moulds. These moulds are used largely in the piping system of public as well as industrial water supply.

What are pipe fitting moulds?

It is a process involved in shaping the material in a liquid state using a rigid frame or moulds. Plastic and metal are the common material used in making the moulds. Pipe fittings are the parts used in joining or more pipe for the free flow of water. And the moulds used in manufacturing these pipe fitting are known as pipe fitting moulds.

How are pipe fitting moulds made?

The moulds used in various industries are manufactured using more than one process. The common method used in the making of pipe fitting is the injection and extrusion process. Under the injection method of manufacturing, the molten parts are injected into the moulds to give it a shape. Injection method of manufacturing moulds is considered to be the simplest and most effective way for production quality moulds.

Usage of pipe fitting moulds:

1.      Pipe fitting moulds are used in making elbow and brackets to connect pipes for water supply and sewage transport

2.      Pipe fitting is also used in making a cross, which is commonly used in the fire water sprinkler line.

HQ Mould is not only a leading company in making moulds but they provide customized services. They offer quality and durable moulds, which are designed using advanced technology.