Wednesday, 20 November 2019

How To Choose The Right Place For Mould Making

Plastic Mould Factory is quite common and they are found in large numbers in China. The modern trends suggest that even investors from different countries are keen on setting up plastic mould factories. But, they choose China for setting up their factories. You may wonder why. It is because the Chinese have mastered the art of making moulds be it a commodity mould or a mould for auto parts that require utmost precision. The Chinese are not only experts in mould making but they are also up to date with the advances in the moulding technology. That is why China is a hot hub as far as mould making industries are concerned.

Plastic Mould Factory

Tips for choosing the right factory

You cannot be sure, especially, if you are on the look out for a mould making company for the first time and are about to get a mould done by them for the first time.  Certain tips for choosing the right Mould factory include. 

Referrals and track record- You would find that there are certain mould making companies like HQ mould who have been in the field of mould making for quite a long period. They would feature in the referral lists as well.

Factory visit- By doing this, you would be able to learn about the equipment they have and how effectively they can handle your order.

Meeting the CEO- It is indeed a fact that a CEO who is knowledgeable would be able to understand what you want and would be able to design a mould to suit your requirements. You can also gauge how updated the CEO as well as the expert mould makers of the company are. 

Choose prudently!

Friday, 15 November 2019

Advanced Plastic Molding for Cheap Commodity Products

Commodity mould refers to the moulds that are created for producing commodity goods that are used on a day to day basis in households like the soap holder, fruit basket, flower pots for garden, buckets, trays, etc. You may be surprised as to how pretty they look despite being reasonably priced. The answer to this lies in the advanced technology that has made it possible to have these goods at an affordable price. it is nothing but the use of plastic injection moulds that makes these goods economical and attractive. The moulds can be used to produce large quantities of the item. Hence, it is available in the market at a low price.

Commodity Mould

Plastic moulds from China

Though the commodity moulds can be produced by a number of companies, the moulds made by the Chinese mould makers are considered to be very effective in producing quality goods. Moulds that are made by mould manufacturers such as HQ mould are not only of a high-quality but they also last really long making it possible to produce large quantities of a commodity.

How are the moulds made

Depending on the commodity to be produced using the commodity moulds as well as the quantity of goods that is expected to be produced using the mould, the mould making companyor the mould maker would employ a mould making technique that would suit the purpose from among the techniques that can be used such as foam molding, plastic injection molding, insert moulding, etc.
The right Mould helps you to access plastic goods at a reasonable price in the market.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

An Insight into Auto Parts Moulds


Auto parts moulds are the general word used to describe the moulds used in the production of different parts of a car. A significant share of the automotive industry depends on mould manufacturers for making various parts of a car. Both interior and exterior parts of an automobile are produced by moulding method.

What types of auto parts are made through moulding?

Some of the common auto parts that are manufactured by moulding technique are bumper, fender, dashboard, car grill, glove box, door trim, gear shift, etc.

How is auto part moulds manufactured?

Mould making companies use different methods to manufacture auto parts. The traditional and effective method for manufacturing auto part moulds is the injection method of moulding.

The adoption of the injection method for manufacturing auto parts is growing extensively. About 90 percent of the automobile industry prefers moulds manufactured by injection method. This method of moulding is flexible for making parts of any design, shape, and structure.

The injection method of moulding is suitable for making small and large parts of an automobile. The injection method of moulding offers a smooth surface to the parts manufactured.

Where to buy auto parts?

Auto parts moulds form an integral part of manufacturing car components. So, when purchasing this important component look for reputable manufacturing company like HQ mould. It is a well know mould manufacturing company located in China.

In conclusion

The value of a car is determined by the material used in making its parts. Hence pick a mould maker that offers durable, noble quality and best design in the market like HQ moulds.

Friday, 18 October 2019

How to Find a Plastic Mould Maker in China?

Plastic mould China is of different levels. They vary in quality, price, and services offered. But the real question is how to pick a right mould making company in China.  

In this article, we have shared step by step guide to picking a Chinese mould maker.

Steps involved in picking a Chinese mould maker

  1. The first step is deciding what you want from a mould maker. Some customers look for quality while others look for economical prices. Having a precise knowledge of your needs and budget helps in finding the best mould maker in China.

  2. Once you are sure of your requirements, start looking for a mould maker in China. Research about the company you want to do business with. See if their services match your requirements.

  3. After finalizing a mould maker, contact them and read their terms, and conditions including warranty before signing the deal. 

  4. Lastly, talk to the previous customer of the company. To find answers to questions like quality, price, and attitude of the company, it is recommended to either read the reviews or talk to previous customers of the company.

In conclusion:
Finding a plastic mould maker is a tough job; it takes time and effort. Do not hurry when looking for a plastic mould maker; ensure to spend some quality time with the company to develop a lasting business relationship. HQ Mould is one such company in China that gives a lot of importance to customer satisfaction. The services and products of the company are produced using high-end technology. The company is well - known for making custom plastic moulds of all kinds in China.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Advantages of a Custom Mould Maker

Custom mould makers in China are well - known in the industry for their services. The present trend among the customers is that they want their products to be unique. They expect mould makers to deliver customized moulds. The customers prefer to customize their moulds to fit their preferences. 

To stand out, a mould maker has to design products that are unique and apt for the customer. Offering custom mould making is very powerful and beneficial for business owners.

Advantages of being a custom mould maker

  1. Hire price for the product: 

The personalization of moulds enables the mould maker to charge extra. Studies conducted by the market researchers have shown that people are willing to pay more for custom products. The personalization of moulds allows the company to offer premium products to the customer at no additional cost through proper planning.

2.      Increase the client list

Customizes the moulds to the preference of the customers’ increases the client list and creates loyal customers for the company. When a customer can find what they want at one place, then the chance of them returning is more. 

3.      Makes precise finish products

Moulds are being employed by different types of industries for various purposes. Not all mould designs are the same; auto parts mould are complicated in design. Complex moulds need a custom mould maker to produce them precisely and produce attractive finished products.

Bottom Line

One cannot deny that the demand for customization of moulds is increasing continuously. Hence, many reputable companies, like HQ Mould are entering custom market and offer high-quality custom moulds for various customers.