Monday, 18 June 2018

HQ Mould, Providing High Quality Plastic Pipe Fitting Moulds with Great Designs

Plastic pipe fitting moulds are plumbing accessories used for fixing pipes inside residential or commercial complexes. The moulds find wide applications in many areas such as in plumping, drainage, gardens, sewer pipes and many other areas.

As these parts are subject to hydraulic pressure every day, these must be robust and durable. HQ Mould provides high quality plastic pipe fitting moulds, made out of best raw materials and engineered to perfection. The production process uses some of the most sophisticated technologies available in the industry. As the moulding processes are quite complicated, these are supervised expert technicians and process designers only.

What is special about the products of HQ Mould?

The plastic pipe fitting moulded products at HQ Mould have desirable properties like heat tolerance, lightweight, tensile strength, crack resistance and high efficiency. 

Apart from such functional attributes, the specialist designers at HQMould work in order to provide intricately designed samples to delight the highly valued clients. The product dimensions have great look and feel. The firm also provides customised samples to develop designer products to match customer expectations. The designs contributed by clients are assessed by technical team for approval or modification if needed.

Skilled Human Resource for manufacture and design

HQ Mould has a technically skilled team with experts in latest design software’s such as Solid Works and Auto CAD so as to develop right solutions to make up for limitless client needs. The Research and Development team tries to design new and advanced samples every day.

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