Monday, 18 June 2018

Switch to HQ Mould for Premium Quality Automotive Moulded Parts

Automobile industry is steadily rising, with more manufacturers coming up. Hence the automotive moulding industry is catching up as well. HQ Mould is one of the leading manufacturing firms dealing in the fabrication of specialised automotive moulded parts for meeting varied needs of clientele. The products are moulded with state of the art injection moulding or extrusion moulding process. Such unit processes need high precision and planning systems.

The processes in a standardised
automotive parts moulding fabrication process at HQ Mould are,

1. Initial sample inspection report: At this step, experts check if the raw materials conform to required parameters.
2. Development of Control Plan: A control plan is designed wherein methods and client specific needs are specified. The steps as to how the process is too controlled to meet product specifications are provided.
3. Failure Analysis: In this step, the causes and effects of each failure factor is given. It also covers how that issue is to be resolved.
4. Gage R & R: It is the final step wherein an estimate is provided through repeatability and reproducibility of unit tasks.

Apart from product quality, HQ Mould emphasises on reliability. The experts take care to supply products at a consistent rate with focus on performance standards. There is focus on the understanding of design specifications during each step of the manufacturing process. The quality assurance team ensures that every requirement is complied with during a production run, so that the output is of the best quality. The moulded products are fabricated to perfection with features like resilience and durability.

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